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Zarbon is Frieza's right-hand man and highest ranking elite commander. In contrast to Dodoria, he is quite handsome, with blue skin, long green hair and an Australian accent (in the redub, this is changed to a voice that greatly resembles that of King Cold and Caroni). He can transform into a stronger, yet extremely hideous form.

Dragon Ball Z

Zarbon and Dodoria accompanied Frieza to Planet Namek to find the seven Dragonballs. Zarbon's scouter was broken from Vegeta's power level as he battled Cui. At the fifth Namekian village they attacked, Zarbon killed two of the three oldest Nameks there, as well as one of Frieza's henchmen; when one of the stronger Nameks knocked the soldier toward Zarbon, he kicked him into the lake.

After Dodoria was separated from them by Krillin and Son Gohan, and killed by Vegeta, and Frieza returned to his spaceship, Zarbon set out in search of Namek villages and Dragonballs, with a few henchmen like Appule also searching for villages.

Zarbon soon encountered Vegeta, and fought him. Zarbon was initially at a disadvantage, but transformed into his monstrous form and defeated Vegeta, knocking him into the water. Resuming his original form, Zarbon returned to Frieza, who was furious that Zarbon did not make sure Vegeta was dead. Upon finding out from another of his henchmen that Vegeta attacked a Namek village and hid a Dragon Ball, Frieza sent Zarbon to bring Vegeta to him and make him say where the Dragonball was.

Zarbon brought Vegeta back and put him in the rejuvenation tank. However, while Zarbon was out of the room, Vegeta, after finishing his recovery, broke free, killing Appule and stealing Frieza's Dragon Balls. Enraged, Frieza gave Zarbon one hour to find Vegeta and the Dragonballs.

Zarbon soon found Vegeta, and Krillin with Guru's Dragonball, and followed them to Bulma's cave where he fought Vegeta again. Though he transformed again, Zarbon was at a disadvantage to Vegeta this time. When Zarbon demanded to know why this was, the Saiyan prince revealed a Saiyan's ability to dramatically increase their power after they are badly hurt. Vegeta brutally slammed his fist clean through Zarbon's stomach. Zarbon tried to convince Vegeta to spare his life, but Vegeta ruthlessly killed him with an energy wave through the chest, sending him flying into the Namekian sea to a watery grave.

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