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Main Antagonist of Alien Series.


Queen is much different to a regular Xenomorph. For a start, she is much larger - being almost 15 feet tall, bigger than a T-Rex. Her posture is altogether more like that of a theropod dinosaur than that of a humanoid, which the regular xenomorph's resemble. She also has a much larger brain, with a defensive crest protecting her head. The most notable feature of the Xenomorph Queen, however, is the gigantic ovipositor in the lower part of her body, which produces numerous facehugger (another Xenomorph species) eggs. She is very protective of her children and eggs and will go out of her way to help them. This mothering instinct was perfectly demonstrated in Aliens (1986), in which she chased the film's heroine, Ellen Ripley, after Ripley burned all of her eggs.

Visually, the Xenomorph Queen is more frightening than a regular Xenomorph and she has powerful back legs and long, sharply fingered arms. Her powerful and imposing head can bite through most things and her body is continuously dripping with the Xenomorph acid. Her most memorable appearance is in Aliens, in which she lays eggs in the most grotesquely compelling way imaginable.

Every Queen regulates the entire hive, and it is possible that the hive can't survive without her. they can fight outside the Xenomorph hive. They are usually nestled deep within the hive, protected by Warrior guards, like an ant queen, who never leaves the nursery chamber of an ant colony.

Queens are much larger than Drones and Warriors. They stand approximately fifteen to twenty feet tall. They have twin sets of arms, and are built more similarly to a theropod dinosaur than a humanoid. They also have a much larger brain case than the average Adult, protected by a large crest above their heads. They have a slightly stronger tail they can attack with along with their limbs or inner jaw, as shown in the climactic battle with Ripley in Aliens. Due to their immense size, they are extremely strong.


  • First Acheron Queen (Hidden True Main Antagonist in Aliens)
    *The Cloned Queen (Main later Secondary Antagonist in Alien: Resurrection)
    *The Antarctic Queen (Main Antagonist in Alien vs Predator)
    *Second Acheron Queen (Main Antagonist in Aliens: Colonial Marines)
    *The Matriarch (Secondary Antagonist in Alien vs Predators (2010))
    *Red Xenomorphs