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Wallflower Blush is a character and hidden main antagonist in the Equestria Girls franchise.


  • (to Spike the Bulldog) Who the hell are you?
  • (to Fauntleroy Donaldson) The forgotten king.
  • (to Starlight Glimmer) Do you want to obey, Starlight?
  • (to Aria Blaze) Step aside, Aria.
  • (to Sonata Dusk) So, you decided to show yourself, Sonata.
  • (to Adagio Dazzle) I don't take orders from you, Adagio.
  • (to Starfire) The forgotten princess.
  • (to Sunny Flare) You dare to defy me, Sunny Flare?
  • (to Shining Armor) You came here to challenge me, Shining Armor?