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Vincenzo Coccotti is one of the main antagonists of True Romance.

He is portrayed by Christopher Walken.

True Romance

Vincenzo Coccotti is a Sicilian consigliere for local Detroit mobster "Blue" Lou Boyle. Sent with some hitmen to the abode of Mr. Clifford Worley, (the estranged father of Clarence Worley) whom they tracked down by Clarence's driver's license, accidently left behind at Drexl Spivey's place. Coccotti tries to get the current whereabouts of Clarence and more importantly Boyle's drugs. However, he quickly underestimates his hit, as Clifford turns out to be an incredibly difficult character. And during this time Vincent's learns that his wife C.R. is being held hostage at the address that they find on the fridge. Clifford not only never reveals anything he knows of Clarence, he goes so far as to personally offend Coccotti by explaining a true historical fact about Sicilian heritage, saying to him that Sicilians are spawned by niggers.

Coccotti gets so pissed off by this, he ultimately kills Cliff. The trip is not wasted as one of the henchmen find info on the son's whereabouts stuck to the refrigerator. Coccotti then orders his men to 'fix this f-ed up family for good.' by hunting down Clarence and kill him.