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Vic Deakins is the main antagonist of Broken Arrow.

He is portrayed by John Travolta.

Broken Arrow

Deakins, often know by the nickname "Deak", was at first a good mentor to Riley Hale, until he plans a mutiny over night. Just before a nuclear test over Utah, Deakins betrays Hale and sends the nukes off the bomber plane they are piloting. Deakins' men then begin a wide search for the bombs, killing anyone who attempts to get in their way, namely Hale and Terry Carmichael. Hale takes one of the nukes but accidentally arms it, as Deakins had anticipated his ex-pupil's moves.

After taking the second nuke, Deakins sets the first on a shorter fuse and also kills his financier Pritchett. A NEST team tries to stop Vic, but they are killed when the first nuke's explosion causes EMP and their helicopter crashes. After blackmailing the government, Deakins begins to set his bomb target. Just then, the battle for the nuke begins as Deakins' henchmen are killed left and right. Desperate, Deakins sets the bomb to go off early.

A henchman named Kelly tries with no avail to get his boss to stop the bomb's detonation and is dropped from the train to his death. Deakins then has one final battle with his former friend onboard the train transporting the nuke, before Hale successfully disarms the bomb and escapes from the carriage. Terry had previously detached the end carriages of the train and as the bomb car comes to a halt, the carriages crash into it and send the harmless nuke hurtling into Deakins' chest. This propels him backwards into a stack of TNT barrels which destroys the entire train and incinerating Deakins.