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Uncle Ernie is an antagonist of the 1975 musical film Tommy. He is the perverted uncle of the protagonist, Tommy. He is the second baby-sitter to be hired by Frank Hobbs and Nora, to the latter's dismay.

Ernie is shown drinking a beverage with raw egg in it.

When the parents leave, Ernie takes advantage of Tommy's blindness, deafness, and dumbness by sexually molesting him, in an attempt to do it behind his parents' back so no one would know about it and he can get away with it. It works at first until it backfires when Frank returns and overhears it. Ernie tries to cover it up by pretending to read a newspaper, but Frank burns it.

Ernie is later seen again when Tommy has regained his senses, as he is overpricing his nephew's holiday camp.

Uncle Ernie is played by late Who member Keith Moon in the film.