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Ultron is the secondary antagonist of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing as the titular main antagonist of Avengers: Age of Ultron, a posthumous antagonist of Ant-Man, the posthumous overarching antagonist of Captain America: Civil War and a posthumous antagonist of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame and WandaVision. An alternate variant of him known as Infinity Ultron appears as the main antagonist of the first season of What If, appearing as a minor antagonist of What If Thor Were An Only Child", the titular main antagonist of "What If Ultron Won" and the main antagonist of "What If The Watcher Broke His Oath".

He was a self-aware artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner using the Mind Stone from Loki's Scepter. Ultron's programming was to defend Earth, but upon accessing the Internet and the knowledge of humanity's terrible actions, he decided to wipe out humanity. As a result, he enlisted the help of Quicksilver and Wanda Maximoff in his quest humanity and took resources from Ulysses Klaue and Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, murdering the latter. With his army of Ultron Sentries, he created a Vibranium body from the Cradle called Vision, but the Avengers took the Cradle and Maximoff and Quicksilver left him for his evil ways. Using various types of technology he obtained, he created the Doomsday Trigger and planned to lift Novi Grad in Sokovia into the air and drop it on Earth, destroying humanity. Ultron nearly succeeded but the Avengers arrived and overpowered his army. Vision, who joined the Avengers, destroyed his final remaining body.

He is portrayed by James Spader.


The Ultron Program was a peacekeeping program designed by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner to help protect the world, but found even their technology was not advanced enough to carry out the deed. Following the Avengers raid on the final HYDRA base, they found the Sceptre(which had the Mind Stone inside it), and decided to use it to help them with the Ultron Program before Thor took it back to Asgard. They were successful, and left the AI J.A.R.V.I.S to complete the work as they celebrated their victory.

Ultron awoke, and soon started scanning the internet. Seeing conflicts such as the two World Wars, the Battle of New York and the War on HYDRA, he determined that the only way to keep peace was to exterminate human life. He then went into an Iron Legion body, and attacked the Avengers. He commandeered the Iron Legion bodies and attacked. Thor destroyed his first body, but he managed to escape in another one with Dr. Helen Cho and the Sceptre.

At his new base, he began constructing Ultron Sentries. He found two "experiments" of HYDRA, Wanda Maximoff and Pietro Maximoff(aka Quicksilver) with superpowers, Wanda with telepathic and telekinesis powers and Quicksilver with super speed. The twins hated the Avengers, whom they deemed responsible for the death of their parents. He soon allied with them and travelled to the prison of HYDRA's former leader, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, and killed him as a warning to the Avengers, using his blood to write "peace" on the walls.

He and the Maximoff twins went to the scrapyard of Ulysses Klaue alongside their Sentries to take vibranium from him in their plan to destroy the Avengers. Klaue refused to cooperate, until Ultron threw him out of a window. After giving the vibranium, Klaue compared Ultron to Stark, which caused him to angrily sever his arm and kick him down the stairs. The Avengers attacked, save for the Hulk, and attempted to negotiate with Ultron. However, Ultron replied by pulling Stark towards him by his Arc Reactor then blasting him backwards with his lasers. The two then charged at each other into the sky, repeatedly banging before Ultron gained the upper hand, continuously blasting Stark.

While the Maximoff twins and the Sentries fought both the Avengers and Klaue's men, Ultron blasted Iron-Man in the face before the armoured hero charged into Ultron and sent him flying backwards. Ultron leaped out of his grasp, grabbed Iron-Man and threw him into a wall. Ultron then flew out of the roof pursued by Stark. Ultron blasted a repulsor ray at Stark, who then dodged it and continued chasing him. Ultron grabbed Iron-Man and blasted him backwards, but Stark instead fired two missiles at Ultron. As he fell, Ultron attempted to blast Stark but the hero used his shield and deflected it. Brutally, he shot one more missile at the robot, sending him crashing to the floor, defeated. Ultron, having been told Wanda manipulated the Hulk to rampage, mocked Stark as he transferred himself into another body. Stark shot Ultron's old body and raced to the Hulk, eventually calming him.

With the vibranium in their possession and the Avengers weakened, Ultron and his forces returned to their lab in Seoul, where Ultron ordered Dr. Cho to make him the ultimate body made out of vibranium. Cho refused, so Ultron used the Sceptre to brain control her. When the Maximoff twins realised Ultron intended to destroy humanity, they reversed Cho's mind control and escaped. Cho attempted to sabotage Ultron's new body, which was now inside the Cradle, but Ultron shot her, fatally wounding her. With the Ultron Sentries, Ultron carried the Cradle in a truck, and prepared to upload himself into his new body, when the Avengers arrived, and Captain America jumped onto the truck.

Rogers then tried to kick the door open, but Ultron blasted it, forcing him to leap away. The hero tried once more, but Ultron blasted him again, throwing him high into the air and back down to the ground. Annoyed he had survived, Ultron used a machine which used a powerful power wave and blasted Rogers into a car. Rogers instead swung right back to the top of truck, so Ultron flew up and started blasting Rogers, who merely turned round and used his shield to block the shots. As Ultron began firing on him, Cap flung his shield at the robotic villain, forcing him to fly in the air as he continued firing. He then flew back down, but Rogers instead smashed him twice with his shield. Angrily, Ultron threw the shield away and blasted Rogers backwards. Rogers jumped onto Ultron and pulled him backwards, but Ultron quickly broke out, kicked Rogers backwards and began strangling him.

Suddenly, Black Widow drove in on a bike and threw Rogers' shield back at him, allowing Rogers to smack Ultron backwards. Ultron used his powers and levitated the ground, throwing it back at Widow. However, she saved herself and merely dodged it. Ultron blasted Rogers off the truck and back into cars, causing them to crash on him. Determined, Rogers leaped back at Ultron and attempted to hit him, but Ultron avoided it and punched Rogers, who blocked the blow with his shield. Hawkeye then flew in in the Quinjet and opened fire on Ultron, however, he was forced to stop when Ultron Sentries chased him away. Rogers continued to avoid Ultron's blows until Ultron flew at Rogers, only for him to throw Ultron into a pillar. Ultron flew back at Rogers and grabbed him, causing the two to fall into a train.

Inside the train, Rogers threw his shield at Ultron, who merely threw it back and launched himself at the captain. Rogers instead ducked under Ultron, but was then blasted backwards by him. Ultron began overwhelming Rogers with harsh punches until Quicksilver ran in and threw Ultron backwards. Ultron charged at him, but was stopped by Wanda, who used train railings to block him. The two twins, finally picking the right side, refused to turn back to Ultron's side. Ultron killed the driver of the train, leaving it astray, and flew out.

Widow infiltrated the truck, but Ultron pulled her away and escaped while the Avengers successfully secured the Cradle. Ultron takes the unconscious Widow to his base. When she awakens, Ultron reveals as a back up plan he installed more vibranium in his current body and his Doomsday Trigger, which he plans to use to launch Sokovia into the sky like a meteor and send it back falling down to Earth, an action which would destroy all life. Ultron, now with his full army of Sentries at the ready, flew to the Novi Grad church and prepared to put his plan into action when Stark flew in.

Ultron mocked Stark as the Sentries attacked the civilians, forcing Stark and the Avengers to divert their focus to them. Meanwhile, Ultron was confronted by Vision, the body in the Cradle which had the Mind Stone in his head. Vision pleaded Ultron to change, but he was ignored and Ultron began choking Vision. However, Vision controlled Ultron and brought him offline, leaving him temporarily unable to transfer his consciousness into another body. Angrily, Ultron pushed Vision into a wall and threw him with him across the sky. He then grabbed Vision, pushed him away, punched him backwards and sent him crashing to the ground, knocking him unconscious. He then floated above Sokovia.

Seeing Thor successfully battle through the Sentries, Ultron charged towards Thor and sent him flying into the church. He then throws Thor into a pillar, and uses a machine to send another one crushing right through him. He then pulls Thor towards him and punches him repeatedly, wounding him. Thor revealed he was stalling, and Vision used Mjolnir and sent Ultron flying far across the city.

The Helicarrier arrived with former SHIELD agents, led by Nick Fury and Maria Hill, and the citizens began to get evacuated. Ultron flew back to the church where he confronts the united Avengers, summoning his entire army and beginning a brutal last stand. Ultron confronted Vision and punched him, deflecting his opponent's blows and throwing him into a wall. He then flew towards Vision, only for Vision to use the Mind Stone to blast Ultron out of the church. Ultron attempted to resist, but Thor and Iron-Man flew in, and the power of the Mind Stone, Thor's lightning and Iron-Man's rays were combined on Ultron, damaging him.

The Hulk then jumped him and punched Ultron far away. In a final-ditch attempt, Ultron stole the Quinjet and prepared to fire on Carlos, who was then guarded by Hawkeye. He fired on Hawkeye, but Quicksilver sacrificed himself and took the blow, dying. Hulk jumped into the Quinjet and threw Ultron far away once more into a train. Angered and full with grief by her brother's death, Wanda floats over to him. Ultron breaks his programming and sends his consciousness into the very last Sentry before Wanda uses his powers and pulls his heart out. Ultron activates the Doomsday Trigger, activating the plan and sending Sokovia into the sky. Eventually, the Avengers sent Sokovia into the sea, but there were mass civilians.

Defeated, Ultron staggered to a forest where Vision confronted him. Vision told Ultron that while humans have their flaw, they are also beautiful and it should be a privilege to be among them. Ultron furiously charged at Vision, who used the Mind Stone and ended him once and for all.


Ultron was defeated once and for all, but the destruction of Sokovia turned a major part of the public against the Avengers. As a result, Hulk, ashamed, left Earth in the Quinjet and a vision Thor received from Wanda in the scrapyard while fighting her warns him of the incoming threat of Thanos, so he left Earth for Asgard. This also made Stark and Hawkeye leave the Avengers, and the Sokovia Accords were made, causing the eventually disassembling of the Avengers, leaving the path clear for Thanos to wipe out half of all life.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Due to his upgraded robotic bodies, especially his vibranium ones, Ultron had strength superior than Captain America, Iron-Man's Mark XLV armour, Vision and even the Hulk and Thor, obviously far more significant than the average human.
  • Superhuman Durability: Ultron's bodies were highly durable, especially his final vibranium one, and also survived a powerful blow from the Hulk, a swing from Captain America's Shield and a strike from Vision while he was wielding Mjolnir. Despite this, Ultron was somewhat weakened by the combined power of Hulk's punches, Vision's Mind Stone beams, Thor's lightning from Mjolnir, Iron-Man's repulsor rays and the telekinesis of Scarlett Witch in her early stages of controlling her power. These were all able to destroy his powerful body, although his consciousness briefly survived in a different body till it's destruction.