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Harvey Dent
Background information
Feature films Batman Forever
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Harvey Dent
Other names Two-Face, Harv
Personality Sadistic
Appearance Lawyer
Occupation Gotham's District Attorney turned Criminal
Goal Get his revenge on Batman
Home Gotham City
Allies The Riddler
Minions Sugar, Spice
Enemies Batman, Robin
Likes Flipping his coin
Dislikes Unknown
Powers and abilities Skilled DA
Weapons Gun
Fate Fell to his demise
Quote "The Bat's stubborn refusal to expire..... IS DRIVING US INSANE!!!"

Harvey Dent later known as Two Face is a major character in the Burton/Schumacher Batman films serving as a minor character in Batman and as the central antagonist of Batman Forever.

Batman Forever



Two-Face and his thugs robbed the Second Bank of Gotham. They had taken hostages and looked like they were going to get away when Batman intervened and stopped the robbery. However, Two-Face escaped.

Later on, Two-Face traveled to the circus looking for Batman. With the circus currently holding a fundraiser attended by Gotham's elite, Two-Face concluded that the odds were excellent that at least one of them knew the Dark Knight's identity if they weren't Batman himself, and threatened to blow the place up unless his enemy turned himself over (although the subsequent riot in the circus prevented Bruce Wayne obeying his order). He was responsible for the origin of Robin because when The Flying Graysons tried to stop him, they were all killed by Two-Face. Dick, the youngest Grayson, survived and went on to join Batman as Robin.

At his lair, which was split in half like his personality, he had two henchwomen, Sugar and Spice, who worked for him. Spice favored his 'dark', scarred side, while Sugar favored his 'good' side. While the three were about to have Harvey's favorites, the Riddler showed and to offer Two-Face a proposal; if Two-Face help the Riddler steal enough money so he can become Gotham's cleverest carbon-based life form, and in return the Riddler will help Two-Face discover the identity of Batman. With a flip of a coin, Two-Face agreed to the Riddler's terms.

Two-Face joins forces with Riddler and committed crimes together. The two robbed a building and soon discovered Batman's true identity; Bruce Wayne.

After discovering the hero's true identity, they infiltrated Wayne Manor and Riddler destroyed the Batcave. Meanwhile, Two-Face and his henchmen attacked Bruce and Dr. Chase Meridian while flipping his coin, which kept landing on good side up, preventing him from doing anything bad. As soon as the scarred one came up, she shot Wayne with his pistol, gazing him in the head. Two-Face wished to finish him off, but the Riddler intervened and left, as well as kidnapping Dr. Meridian and leaving behind a riddle.

At the Riddler's lair, Claw Island, Batman and Robin got separated. Robin eventually fought Two-Face and even had the chance to kill him, but didn't because he refused to be like him. Two-Face then managed to capture Robin, then brought him to Riddler. Batman confronted the two villains and revealed that they have both Robin and Meridian captured, then sent them falling to their deaths, leaving Batman to save them. Batman managed to save the pair but Two-Face flipped his coin and decided he'll go after them. While shooting the three, Batman tossed up a bunch of identical coins which made Two-Face panic and fall into the watery bed of spikes, ending him once and for all.


  • He is portrayed by Billy Dee Williams in Batman and by Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever.