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Background information
Feature films Wreck-It Ralph
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Alan Tudyk
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names King Candy
Personality Arrogant, eccentric, selfish, violent, psychotic, traitorous, quick-tempered, monstrous, classy, tricky, mad, evil, murderous, vicious, classy, funny, insane
Occupation Virus, formerly Sugar Rush ruler and TurboTime racer
Affiliations Evil
Goal Kill Wreck-It Ralph and keep Vanellope from racing, take over any game he wants (all failed)
Home TurboTime (formerly), Sugar Rush
Minions Cy-Bugs; Sour Bill (formerly), Wynnchel & Duncan(formerly)
Enemies Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz
Likes Attention, winning, power and candy
Dislikes Ralph, glitches, Vanellope, when salmon is mistaken for pink
Powers and abilities Racing and hacking skills

In Cy-Bug form: superhuman strength, flight, can curl into ball and assimilate anything he eats

Fate Gets vaporized by Diet Cola lava
Quote "Have some candy!"

King Candy A.K.A Turbo is the overall main antagonist of the Wreck-It Ralph franchise. He is the main antagonist of Disney's 2012 film Wreck-It Ralph, and a posthumous antagonist in its 2018 sequel Ralph Breaks The Internet. He is the main character of his own game, TurboTime, and later disguised himself as King Candy, and became the corrupt ruler of the kingdom of the racing game Sugar Rush Speedway and turned Vanellope into a glitch.

He was voiced by Alan Tudyk.


He seems to be psychotic, arrogant, selfish, greedy, cruel, vain, cocky, sinful, cunning, ruthless, deceptive, egocentric, heartless, sadistic, murderous, fraudulent, opprobrious, and manipulative. The character himself loved attention from gamers playing his original game called TurboTime.


In his disguise, Turbo appears to be a diminutive man with gray hair, a purple tailcoat, white shirtfront, red tie, gold and caramel pants, purple shoes with red gumdrops, and a red crown. While in his true form, he is a diminutive man with gray skin, yellow eyes and teeth, a red and white racing outfit and helmet.


Before Wreck-It Ralph

Back when Litwak's Arcade first opened, TurboTime was one of the most popular games in the arcade. Turbo loved the attention from gamers playing his game. When the new game RoadBlasters arrived at Litwak's, Turbo became jealous when the game's players were playing RoadBlasters. He decided to abandon his own game and jump into RoadBlasters, in which he caused both TurboTime and RoadBlasters to go out of order for his despicable and arrogant behavior.

Wreck-It Ralph

After getting eaten by a Cy-Bug, he morphed into a Cy-Bug giving him good strength, and the ability to fly. He first appears in his Cy-Bug form after he slaps Ralph and then saying "Welcome to the boss level!". Because of Ralph jumping into other games, he is the most powerful virus at Litwak's Arcade, giving him the capability of taking over any game he wants. He then fights Ralph and takes him up to the air, then Ralph attempted suicide by falling down to the Diet Coke lava. However, Vanellope rescued Ralph alive by driving in her car before the lava explodes, which causes him and the Cy-Bugs to die inside of the lava. Since arcade game characters can't regenerate out of their own games and Turbo was outside of his own game (which is out of order for good), he is gone for good.


  • Turbo, as King Candy, seems to resemble the Mad Hatter, a character from another animated Disney film Alice in Wonderland.