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Tubbs Pacer is the supporting antagonists of Cars franchise, in Cars 2 film. he was the head of Pacer Family and the henchmen of Professor Z.

He was voiced by Brad Lewis.


Cars 2

He and many members of the Lemons attended a meeting, so they could all discuss on how to discredit Allinol fuel. The Lemons were using the electric pulse generator that looked like a camera to make the racers blow their engines and crash. This would ensure that all the cars would keep using convention fuel to secure the profits for the whole Lemon organization. He liked this idea.

After Professor Zündapp was arrested, Tubbs and many more members of the lemons showed up. While everyone was fighting, Tubbs snuck up behind Mater, who tossed him to Ramone, who successfully sprayed Tubbs with his spray paint can, leaving the terrorist blinded in one eye. A sprayed and humiliated Tubbs tried to retreat with his fellow lemons, but was cut off by Sarge and the British military, and was arrested for his crimes.


Like all the other Lemons, Tubbs Pacer is a cold-hearted terrorist who would do anything for a quick buck. He is also notorious for being a ruthless crime lord and an iron-fisted family leader.

Apparently, he is very sadistic because he loved the idea of discrediting Allinol by using the electromagnetic pulse generator disguised as a camera which would cause the racers to blow their engines, crash, and make sure that every car would keep on using ordinary fuel, securing the profits for the Lemon organization.


    • His license plate number is 705BN.
    • Tubbs is a 1975 AMC Pacer.