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Thumper is the tertiary antagonist of A Bug's Life. He is one of Hopper's henchman and pet.

A Bug's Life

Thumper first appeared at the beginning of the film, when Hopper called him out to bully Princess Dot. Then, Flik told them to leave Dot alone. Then, he was later seen at Hopper's hideout having a party with all the other grasshoppers. Then, was later seen flying with all the other grasshoppers going to ant island to go get their food to eat. Then, was later seen trying to hunt down Dot and then got into a chase with her. Then, was later seen with the other grasshoppers watching a show starring the circus bugs. Then, later he beat up Flik after he was told by Hopper. He was then seen when Dot told him to go away and Dim scared him and flew away.