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The Rake is the titular main antagonist of the 2018 supernatural horror film of the same name based off of the original Creepypasta story.


The Rake is a merciless abomination that was responsible for the possession of serial killer Jacob Murphy and the death of Ben and Ashley's parents when they were just children. The two siblings return to their old home 20 years later to find The Rake still lurking around both in reality and in Ashley's nightmares, waiting to finish what he had started all those years ago.

The Rake was portrayed by Frederick Ford Beckley.


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The Rake doesn't show himself physically too much, but when he does he turns into a violent, bloodthirsty, sadistic, cunning, and utterly maniacal psychopath who displays little to no remorse or or emotions when destroying both the minds and lives of its victims, relishing in their hopeless screams and efforts to try and put a stop to its never ending madness. The Rake shows its sadism and brutality when he completely butchers Ben and Ashley's parents and friends, and it seems to be against anyone, regardless of their alignment, which is proven when he murders Andrew in cold blood.


Unlike his original counterpart, The Rake of the movie, is considerably more terrifying. The Rake is a a rather intimidating and tall entity, standing at roughly 6'3" (1.92m) when towering over Nicole. He appears as a pale, grey skinned figure, and as a slimy, yellowish, and bloody monstrosity as a result of manifesting himself out of Ben's corpse. It appears to have no eyes, only a large mouth. His face shows a horrible and big smile, filled with sharp teeth, and long, sword-like claws protruding from each of it's fingers.