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The Master is the main antagonist in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie. Of course he is a villain in the show but this is about the film.

He first appears being executed by the Daleks who have his ashes taken to Gallifrey by the doctor. Unfortunately the master is a living snake and causes the TARDIS to crash in the middle of a gunfight and the doctor is show and forced to regenerate.

The Master however escapes, takes over the body of an ambulance driver named Bruce, hypnotises a man named Chang and plans to open the Eye of Harmony but ultimately gets sucked into it.

The Master is played by Eric Roberts in the film, Roger Delgado until 1973 , Peter Pratt in 1976, Geoffrey Beevers in 1981 and Anthony Ainley from 1981 to 1989, Derek Jacobi in 2009 and currently by John Simm. Roberts was also the only actor to play the Master who was American whilst the other actors who have played the master have or are English.