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The Empress is one of the main antagonists-turned-anti-heroine of the 2018-3D Animation film, Maya the Bee 2: The Honey Games. She is Beegood's former loyal assistant and the Queen's sister.


The Empress is the ruler of Buzztropolis as she was arrogant, smug, haughty and avaricious who wants to take all the hive's honey when Violet's team win. She previously dislikes Maya and other meadow insects (even Team Poppy Meadow) because they want to beat Team Tropolis (even Violet's team) in the Honey Games, but she gives Maya premission to compete in the games. But when the Empress declares that Maya's team won, she becomes kind, sisterly, peaceful, forgiving, and understanding, also she learns to be responsibility for her own actions and kindness towards others.

In the movie

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  • She is the empress of the buzztropolis.
  • She is started to being mean, then she become nicer.