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Suzanne Stone is the main antagonist of To Die For.

She is portrayed by Nicole Kidman.

To Die For

Suzanne was ambitious and ruthless woman who use her beauty woo the boys in high school include Larry Maretto is kind hearted who want to have a family with Suzanne and married her after few years of dating. Meanwhile Suzanne dreams of being a world-famous news anchor, believed Larry's business will help her financially to become news anchor but inserted as weather girl. Larry's about his long-term plans to had children with Suzanne which means hoping that she will change but he is wrong, while Suzanne got a high school project called "Teens Speak Out," when she met a high school student Jimmy Emmett and seduced him to having affair. there Suzanne begun manipulated Jimmy that Larry was abusive (she comprised him and his best friend Russell Hines). Jimmy, Russell and their female classmate Lydia killed Larry at home to but seeing Larry's real personality caused Jimmy for his guilt. Before he was turned over for the police and confessed anything, after they were arrested, Lydia makes a deal with the police to exposed Suzanne with tape recorder to get confession of crime for participating in her husband's murder