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Well that's kind of the point here. I lost my family.
~ Speckles explaining his actions to Darwin


Speckles, also known as Mr. Yanshu, is the hidden main antagonist of G-Force. He is G-Force's arch-nemesis, Leonard Saber's leader and boss, and Darwin's former best friend.



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At first, Speckles seemed to be a reliable friend to Darwin.

However, this were merely a facade to hide his true nature, which is an evil, diabolical, sneaky, cruel, manipulative mastermind.


  • Speckles is sometimes believed to be the hidden secondary antagonist of the film. This is not true as he had bigger plans than anyone else and was actually Leonard Saber's boss.
  • Speckles is similar to Boingo: Both are diabolical critters who scheme to get revenge on society for wronging them. As well, their evil nature is not revealed until much later.
  • Even though he is G-Force's arch-nemesis, they had considered him family.
  • If there is ever a sequel to G-Force, it is unknown whether or not Speckles will be allowed into the group or not.