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Snowbell is the main antagonist of the Stuart Little novel, an antagonist-turned-deuteragonist of the Stuart Little film, the tritagonist of Stuart Little 2, Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild and one of the main characters of the animated TV show, Stuart Little: The Animated Series. He is the Littles' pet cat, one of Stuart Little's best friends and Monty's best friend.

He is voiced by Nathan Lane in the first film and the second film, by Kevin Schon in the third film, and by Quinton Flynn in the TV series.

Early Life

It is unknown about Snowbell's past but he has been in the Little family longer than George.


In the novel, Snowbell is malevolent, self-absorbed, negative, evil, testy and arrogant and he is willing to kill Stuart and Margalo and he didn't care about any of their safety.

In the films, Snowbell is seen as friendly, shy, selfless, nurturing, optimistic, well-behaved, benevolent, even-tempered, loyal, level-headed, thoughtful, nice, kind-hearted, efficient, respectful, big-hearted, laid-back, lovable and cowardly.

In the first film, Snowbell hated Stuart at first and wanted to kill him to kick him out of The Littles' house. He eventually becomes very caring for Stuart when he saves him from The Alley Cats and he agrees to help him to fight the Falcon and save Margalo from Falcon.

When Stuart finds out about Snowbell and Smokey's plan, he lies to Stuart that the little family was happy to him. This also made Stuart go into a deep depression.

In the first film, Snowbell reformed, however, in the book, he did not reform.