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Saddam Hussein is a recurring antagonist in South Park. However, he is the secondary later true main antagonist in the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. He is the former dictator and president of Iraq. Shortly before the American-Canadian War, he was killed for unknown reasons (see Trivia), and became Satan's jealous, emotionally abusive and manipulative boyfriend (later ex-boyfriend).


  • Saddam is similar to Scroop in Treasure Planet:
    • Both are the secondary antagonists, but are later the true main antagonists.
    • Both are thin and scary.
    • Both are ambitious, calculating, funny, jealous, greedy, power-hungry and evil.
    • Both serve as loyal, yet quite resentful, subordinates to their big and powerful leaders (Satan and Long John Silver).
    • Both wish to claim authority over their groups (Saddam wanting to wreck Hell on Earth, and Scroop wanting to take leadership over Silver's pirate crew).
    • Both wish to kill the main protagonists (The Four Boys and Jim Hawkins) along with their friends.