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Ronan the Accuser is a major antagonist of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing as the secondary antagonist of Phase Two, a minor antagonist of Phase Three and a posthumous antagonist of Phase Four. He serves as the main antagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy, a minor antagonist of Captain Marvel and a posthumous antagonist of Avengers: Endgame. He is a Kree and a ally of Thanos until betraying him to have the power of one of the Infinity Stones for himself.

He is portrayed by Lee Pace.


Ronan was born of the homeworld of the Kree Empire, Hala. The Kree were in a long-lasting war with both the Nova and Skrull Empires. Ronan's father, grandfather and ancestors were killed in the war, causing Ronan to develop a great hatred for the Nova Empire. In 1995, Ronan was promoted to Ronan the Accuser, leader of the Accusers, in light of the war with the two empires. He was a follower of the Supreme Intelligence.

When they discovered Skrulls in hiding on Torfa, Ronan and the Accusers bombarded the planet to clear the path for Yon-Rogg and his Starforce team. However, it turns out that the whole operation was an ambush by the Skrulls to capture Vers, a member of Starforce. Ronan contacted Yon-Rogg and berated him for his failure. Vers, who had her power enhanced by the Space Stone, realised that the Kree were the villains attempting to massacre the peaceful Skrull. While she and the Skrull attacked, the Supreme Intelligence ordered Ronan and Yon-Rogg to fire missiles on Earth and destroy it to wipe out the remaining Skrull. Vers, know known as Captain Marvel, single-handedly destroyed the fleet and the missiles and used a sign to warn Ronan. Vowing to return and capture her, Ronan escaped, with the war against the Skrull lost.

The Kree Empire was taken over by pacifists, and as a result the Supreme Intelligence and all her followers, Ronan included, were banished. Eventually, a treat was signed and the war was over. Vowing revenge on the Nova Empire, Ronan and his second-in-command, Korath the Pursuer, one of the former Starforce members, allied with the alien warlord Thanos and received his Sakaaran Army and Exolon Monks. Thanos then promised that if Ronan brought him the Power Stone he would help him destroy Xandar, the planet of the Nova Empire. On his orders, he conquered and half massacred many worlds, including Kylos, where he killed the wife and daughter of Drax the Destroyer. He found out the Power Stone, bound inside the Orb, was located on Morag and informed Thanos, who sent his adoptive daughters Gamora and Nebula to Ronan's ship to help him take the Orb.

Ronan sent Korath and a team of Sakaarans to retrieve it from the temple on Morag. Ronan's men captured a Nova Corpsman and brought him to Ronan, who angrily told him he will destroy Xandar before slamming his head with his Cosmi-Rod killing him. Korath arrived, and told Ronan that a criminal called Ronan stole the Orb and plans to deliver it to the Broker on Xandar. Ronan sent Gamora to Xandar with a team of Sakaarans in a pod and ordered her not to fail. However, Gamora instead betrayed Ronan and battled Star-Lord for the Orb before the duo were arrested and put in Xandar's prison, the Kyln. Ronan travelled to Thanos' fortress, the Sanctuary, and informed him of Gamora's betrayal. The Other began arguing with Ronan and blamed him for Gamora's betrayal, so Ronan twisted his neck with his Cosmi-Rod.

Thanos berated Ronan and threatened to kill him unless he brought Gamora and the Orb back to him. Unaware Gamora and Star-Lord had allied with Drax the Destroy, Rocket Racoon and Groot and escaped, Ronan and Nebula led their forces and attacked the Kyln, only to find that they had escaped. Ronan ordered Nebula to massacre the prison and left to track Gamora. He and Nebula eventually found her and her allies to Knowhere, where they failed to give the Orb to the Collector.

While Nebula and the Sakaarans battled the others, Ronan fought with Drax, who sought to gain his revenge. Drax charged behind an annoyed Ronan and swung his knife at him, but Ronan simply ducked the blow. Drax then attempted to stab him, but Ronan blocked the blow with his hands and punched him backwards. Continuously avoiding Drax's blows, Ronan grab him in the chest and flung him away. Drax then jumped across the sky at Ronan, but the villain simply touched him, sending him to the ground. Drax then run at him, but Ronan dodged him, took his own knife, slashed him in the arm and slammed him backwards before deflecting another one of his blows and throwing him into a railing. Ronan then began effortlessly started strangling Drax, who desperately punched Ronan repeatedly in the stomach to no effect. Ronan then ferociously roared and flipped Drax to the floor, and told him he does not remember killing his family before kicking him unconscious. He then drags Drax and throws him into a bowel of spinal fluid, leaving him to drown.

Meanwhile, Nebula retrieves the Orb and leaves with Ronan back to the ship, victorious. He contacted Thanos and broke the Orb, placing the Power Stone in the Cosmi-Rod. As Nebula vowed her loyalty to him, Ronan betrayed Thanos and threatened that he will destroy him after he does so to Xandar. In his ship, Ronan and his full entire army attacked Xandar and faced Gamora's team, known as the Guardians of the Galaxy(Drax was still alive), Yondu Udonta's Ravager Clan and the Nova Corps. Ronan began firing on civilians on the ground and used the Power Stone to decimate a large amount of the Nova Corps. Kraglin Obfonteri manages to break open the ship for the Guardians to attack, so Ronan sent Nebula to finish them once and for all. Nebula fought Gamora and was eventually defeated. Realizing that the Guardians and Ronan are all mad, Nebula left the planet while Drax killed Korath and every Sakaaran was destroyed. With only Ronan left, the Guardians then attacked him.

Using the Hadron Enforcer, Star-Lord shot Ronan in the chest but this hardly made any difference. Ronan used the Stone to then send a shockwave at the Guardians, knocking them all over. Drax charged at Ronan, but Ronan started choking him and mocked him, claiming he remembered killing his family and prepared to kill him when Rocket Racoon, the only Guardian not present, crashed his ship right into Ronan's, blasting Ronan away and sending the ship to the floor. Groot sacrificed himself to save the Guardians as the ship crash-landed.

The Guardians confronted Ronan, and Rocket Racoon, angry over his best friend's death, charged at Ronan, who used the Stone and blasted him back. Ronan then prepared to annihilate Xandar when Star-Lord momentarily confused and distracted Ronan by challenging him to "a dance-off". This allowed Rocket to use the Hadron Enforcer to destroy the Cosmi-Rod and sending the Power Stone into the air. Star-Lord grabbed the Stone before Ronan could but it started destroying him until Gamora, Drax and Rocket all took the burden and combined it on Ronan, utterly exploding him.


After Ronan's death, the Nova Empire kept the Power Stone in their possession and the Guardians were hailed as heroes, although the Kree Empire was taken over by cruel people once more and hunted the Guardians. With his vengeance against Ronan complete, Drax turned his attention to Thanos, who ordered Ronan to kill his family. Ego the Living Planet, Star-Lord's real father, heard of their victory against Ronan and lured the Guardians to him, which allowed him to enact his universe destruction plot into action, and he almost succeeded. Ronan's death convinced Thanos to personally gather the Infinity Stones himself, and Ronan gained some posthumous revenge himself when Thanos massacred most of Xandar to retrieve the Power Stone four years later, which he, alongside the other Stones, used to wipe out half of all life.