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Robin Childers is the main antagonist of Raise Your Voice.


Robin Childers is Jay’s Rude ex-girlfriend. Her personality is Bratty, Bitchy, Selfish, and Rude. She hates Terri Fletcher, and still loves Jay Corgan. Denise calls her “Miss Thing”. When Terri first says “Hi I’m Terri”, Robin responds in “ah ha”. Jay says he had a thing with Robin the summer before. He broke up with her and she completely ignores it like it never happened. When Terri says she can’t believe she can’t hit the note. Robin responds “I can”. Robin has a meltdown in class about Terri getting the Solo & how she can’t sing at all, and storms out of the classroom. Upset about the incident, she asks Jay to help her, and he does. Jay helps her with the piano, but when she gets closer to him, she kisses him. Terri comes in and sees her kissing him; she smiles at her and Terri runs away upset. Robin tries to stop Jay from chasing a heartbroken Terri, but Jay yells at her “Stay away from Me!”. He humiliates Robin in front of everyone and she walks away. Robin sings in a band with three other guys. Her best friend is Kelly (portrayed by Carly Reeves).


"But she’s not even here, and it’s not like she can sing it anyway”. Robin yelling about how Terri can’t sing the Solo to Mr. Torvald.

Robin Childers is portrayed by Lauren C. Mayhew