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Ripslinger is Dusty's rival and the main antagonist of Planes. He has goons named Ned and Zed who he frequently abuses. 

He is voiced by Roger Craig Smith.


Ripslinger is a mean bully and he takes pleasure in picking on Dusty Crophopper. Ripslinger is not nice around Ned and Zed by calling them bad names. He loves the attention of himself. Ripslinger loves Hip Hop music as it keeps him relaxed.


  • Ripslinger is captain of Team RPX and he's also known as the Green Tornado.
  • Ripslinger has goons named Ned and Zed.
  • Ripslinger offered Ishani one of his propellers to give Dusty a tip in the Himaylas for the plan to be killed when Dusty flew through the tunnel missing a train and Dusty was in first place.
  •   Ripslinger was once a great champion. But, his pride made him a fallen racer since Ishani told him.