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Regina Mills is a major character of the TV Series Once Upon A Time. She is is the main antagonist of season 1, the secondary antagonist of season 2, the deuteragonist/anti-hero of seasons 3-6 and the main protagonist of season 7. Regina is the Evil Queen of the Enchanted Forest, who casts a dark curse that transports everyone to the real world in a town called Storybrooke. From Season 2 on, Regina works to redeem herself for her adoptive son Henry's sake and eventually because she no longer wants to be a villain anymore. Before the breaking of the first Dark Curse, she was the Mayor of the town of Storybrooke, but her former identity in the fairy tale world is Snow White's evil stepmother.

She is portrayed by Lana Parrilla.


Regina was ruthless, cunning, manipulative and downright evil. She cared nothing for others, but (still) genuinely loves her adopted son Henry, and will do anything to keep him. She even killed her father, the last human being she cared for, to activate the curse. When someone she dislikes interferes with her life, she often manipulated the late sheriff Graham to arrest that person. She had control over everyone in the town, and almost every citizen was afraid of her, except for Henry, Mr. Gold and Emma.

From the second season, she has been a complex character, eventually becoming neutral and we saw that she had a sense of standards. This was shown when she knew that her mother's plan was too extreme and she became a frenemy of the Charmings.

From the third season, she became nicer, being compassionate and hoping for true love, which she found in Robin Hood. However, after the season 3 finale, she became more bitter to a point where she wants to rewrite the storybook, about villains having happy endings, but she didn't lose her role as an anti-heroine. By the end of season five, she had fully redeemed herself and became a hero when she split from the Evil Queen even but, even though she split she still had the darkness in her heart due to her still being connected to the Evil Queen.