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Ray Sinclair is the main antagonist of Something Wild.

He is portrayed by Ray Liotta.

Something Wild

Ray Sinclair is the estranged ex-husband of heroine Audrey Hankel. He first shows up at Audrey's high school reunion dancing with his date Irene. He first seems to be a decent guy and takes a liking to Audrey's friend Charley Driggs. As all three head over to a convenience store, Ray's true colors start to show up as he robs the store much to Charley's shock. They end up in a motel room and under duress, Audrey reluctant decides to stay with Ray. Ray reluctantly tells Charley to leave, warning him to keep away from Audrey, but Charley secretly tails them when they leave the motel. After Charley frees Audrey from Ray's grasp, taking her to his house, Ray unexpectedly shows up and he and Charley get into a massive scuffle. After Audrey attacks Ray with an object in order to stop him from killing Charley with a knife, Charley picks up and accidentally stabs Ray in the chest, causing him to walk outside the bathroom and eventually collapses on the floor, killing Ray instantly.