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Pterano is the (former) main antagonist turned-one of the supporting protagonists of The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire. He is Petrie's mother's brother, Petrie and his siblings' uncle and Rinkus and Sierra's former leader and boss.


Pterano started off as ambitions and somewhat arrogant but then he reforms when he saves Ducky from falling off the cliff.

Despite being a villain, Pterano is more of an anti-hero since he's not truly evil and he also does good things and he also doesn't tolerate violence. In fact, he even reformed towards the end.


  • Despite being Rinkus and Sierra's boss, Pterano is an anti-hero as he does good things despite doing bad things whereas Rinkus and Sierra are always evil and they never did anything good. In fact, Pterano reformed while Rinkus and Sierra didn't reform so that means Rinkus and Sierra are worse than Pterano.
  • In the tenth Land Before Time film, there was a pterodactyl who resembles Pterano.