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Pascal Sauvage is the main antagonist of Johnny English.

He is portrayed by John Malkovich who also played Mitch Leary and Cyrus Grissom.

Johnny English

Pascal Savauge meets Johnny English at the party for celebrating the Crown Jewels for the King. Sauvage's minions turned the lights off and stole the Crown Jewels, hiding them in Sauvage's apartment.

At night for the party Sauvage tells the MI7 boss that Johnny was fooling around in Sauvage's office to get him fired. Sauvage signed to be the King from Elizabeth.

Sauvage wants to rule Britain by creating maximum security prisons for all over Britain to maintain total control after becoming King.

At Britain's church, Sauvage was ready to crown himself to be King, but English kicked him off the throne and he was arrested by the MI7.

His final fate was rumoured to have been executed off-screen for treason.