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"Instruksi saya sudah jelas, cari sampai ketemu lalu kita habisi, Ngerti!"
~ Pak Raden's last words to finishing and kidnap Sherina.
"Trembelane, Mastur bodoh!"
~ Pak Raden was saying idiot to Mastur. When Mastur can't kidnap Sherina.
"Sadam Hilang!"
~ Pak Raden was shocked and scream because Sadam was gone.
~ Pak Raden's profanity word.

Pak Raden is the secondary antagonist of 2000 Indonesian musical/comedy film, Petualangan Sherina. he was the kidnapper and the right hand man of conglomerate Kertarajasa.

He was portrayed by Butet Kartaredjasa.


Petualangan Sherina

In the sequence he looks Sherina with his own binocular. after that he calls Kertarajasa all about the plan to kidnap kids. after that he kidnaps Sadam one of Sherina's bully friend. at night at his house he puts Sadam in his house. at morning Sadam escapes and Pak Raden was shock he says, Sadam's gone. after that he finds Sherina and Sadam at the Bosscha. he told his bodyguards to captures Sherina but failed. he was succeed kidnaps Sadam, Sadam suffered a fever. and he calls Sis Natasya to put Sadam's back in Ardiwilaga's house.

Pak Raden's final fate is unknown maybe he was arrested or deceased.


He was very rude, abusive, greedy, bad-tempered, and power-hungry kidnapper.