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~ Krennic's most famous line

Director Orson Callan Krennic is the main antagonist in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, a posthumous antagonist of Star Wars: A New Hope and an unseen antagonist in the fourth season of Star Wars: Rebels. He is an Imperial research director and an officer who answers to Grand Moff Tarkin.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

He at first takes Galen Erso as a hostage, and asks him where his daughter, Jyn Erso is. He offers to take the whole family as hostages, so they can all be heroes. However, Lyra Erso shoots him, in fear that he will corrupt her and her family. The Stormtroopers manage to kill Lyra, and almost find Jyn Erso, who hid away. Many years later, The Empire kept Jyn as a hostage, as she escaped with the help of The Alliance. Orson was later present when Tarkin tested his Death Star. Under Tarkin's command, Orson was to choose the target location. The weapon was tested on Jedham, and was meant to destroy it's rebel alliance, lead by Saw Gerrera. He later got into a brief argument with Tarkin, who informed him there is a traitor in Galen Erso's research facility, and ordered Orson to kill the traitor, then find his hidden plans. Orson later flew to Galen's research center, as expected. He informed the scientists, including Galen Erso, that one of them is a traitor. When Galen admitted he was the traitor, and not any of his scientists, Orson shot and killed all of Galen's scientists, and hit Galen on the face. Jyn however came and saved Galen, who was killed during the battle. He then met Darth Vader, who discussed with him the matters of The Death Star, and the priority to destroy the rebels. Darth Vader informed him that Tarkin is in control of the weapon, and choked him with force powers, thus leaving Orson to suffer. He later occupied his own research center on Scarif, as he tried to find Galen's plans and send them to Tarkin. However, Jyn lead some alliance members to attack his guards (including Shore-Troopers and Death-Troopers). Orson had no choice but to stalk on Jyn Erso with his gun. He injured Cassian Andor by shooting him while he was climbing up the lift. Jyn Erso then found her way to the rooftop of the facility. Orson followed her, and asked who she is. Jyn replied that he already knows her as the daughter of Galen Erso. Orson informed her that the shields are still on, as hewas prepared to kill her. However, Cassian Andor shot his back, causing him to fall. He survived the gunshot, however, he looked at the sky, and realized that Tarkin was betraying him, by shooting The Death Star on Scarif. He was destroyed by the explosion, and was killed alongside Jyn Erso & Cassian Andor.