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Nizam is the main antagonist of Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time.

He is portrayed by Ben Kingsley.

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time

When the film starts, Nizam seems kindly and loyal. Such as helping prince Dastan get onto his horse and helping the Persian king with difficult decisions, he even rescued his brother from a lioness which was stalking them. Nizam was also highly trusted by the king and his sons and when Dastan is framed for murder, Nizam is the first person he thinks about talking to, wanting to show him the dagger.

Nizam also launched an attack on the holy city of Alumat, claiming that they were selling weapons to the enemy. When Dastan slips a note into his coat pocket, asking him to meet him somewhere. But when Nizam and Dastan meet, Dastan notices that his uncle's hands are burnt. Dastan asks why and Nizam claims that he burnt his hands trying to pull the poisoned robe of the king. But Dastan finds out that Nizam had poisoned the cloak and tried to frame him, and also launched the attack on Alumat to find the dagger and some of the sand it requires. Dastan then decides to get back to Alumat before Nizam, encountering some Hassansins on the way.

When Dastan eventually reaches Alumat, he has a meeting with his brother Tus. But the meeting is interrupted when Nizam slits Tus's throat, killing him. He then reveals that he plans to use the dagger to go back in time to the time when the king was nearly killed, but never save him and become king himself. The dagger eventually gets stolen and given to Nizam. This leads to a fight on the sand-glass which causes Dastan to go back in time to when the siege on Alumat finished. He then reveals Nizam's plans and Nizam tries to kill him, only to be killed himself when Tus stabs him with a dagger.