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Sergeant-Major Murasaki is one of the tertiary antagonists of the Dragon Ball series, along Colonel Silver, Assistant Black and Tsurusen'in.

Dragon Ball

Murasaki first appeared along with General White while Son Goku was fighting White's soldiers before facing Sergeant Metallic. After Goku defeats the robot, Murasaki is then assigned to stop him. He then fights with Goku who outwitted his mind tricks and broke his ninjato. Murasaki then summoned four of his brothers, each carrying a different weapon (ninjato, pistol, blowgun and kusarigama). Goku then defeated the Murasaki brothers so the ninja then resorted to summoning Android 8 who then went renegade and joined Goku's side.

Later after White's defeat and the collapse of Muscle Tower, Murasaki survived and returned for revenge, as well as to steal Goku's Dragon Balls. Murasaki goes after Goku and Android 8 on the ice, but falls in and nearly drowned, but uses his head to get out of the ice. Murasaki then swore vengeance before finally meeting his end when the bomb that was removed from Android 8's body landed on his face, comically killing him in the explosion.