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Mr Barron is the main antagonist of Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children. He is based on Dr. Golan in books, however, unlike in the book, Dr. Golan, his real name and his alias as psychiatrist is swapped: While in the book, Dr. Golan is his real name, here, his real name is Mr. Barron and Dr. Golan is his psychiatrist disguise instead. Other differences include the gender of his psychiatrist disguise. Whereas the character's psychiatrist disguise in book is male, in film the gender of said disguise is female instead.

He is portrayed by Samuel L Jackson.

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

Mr. Barron is first seen when Jake and her drugstore supervisor Shelly goes to Abe's house in her car. Then mentioned by Abe about Barron's plan on the Blackpool loop and mentioned again by Miss Peregrine when she tells Jacob "Jake" Portman about what he and the Wights tried to do in events prior to the movie. The Wights sought to make themselves immortal using the power of an Ymbryne. This experiment lead to the creation of Hollowgasts (Hollows for short), tall monsters that are invisible to most people and will attack anyone in their path. Mr. Barron himself also became a Hollowghast, but transformed back after devouring the eyeballs of other Peculiars. Since then, Mr. Barron and the Wights have been traveling between the time loops the Peculiars live in, attacking the Peculiars and devouring their eyeballs.

Mr. Barron's true physical appearance was again with Jake in the cave loop entering and in Miss Peregrine's home, where he threatened to kill Jake if Miss Peregrine didn't come with him. Miss Peregrine reluctantly goes with Mr. Barron, leaving Jake and the other Peculiars to deal with the Hollow, Mr. Malthus that was approaching the home.

After dealing with Malthus that attacked Miss Peregrine's home, the group stalks Mr. Barron back to his base in the Blackpool Tower in another time loop. There, they confront the Wights in their attempt to rescue Miss Peregrine and the other Ymbrynes. The battle that ensued ultimately led to Mr. Barron's demise. Mr Barron disguised himself as Jake in order to trick the others to kill him thinking he's Barron in disguise, but the plan backfired when the last of his hallows, who mistaken him for Jake, sneaks behind him, grab him and eats Barron's eyes, killing him before Jake kills the hallow. His lifeless body was left it was after the loop closed.