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Mr. "Case" Casey is the main antagonist in the 1990 comedy film Nuns on the Run.

He is played by Robert Patterson


He is first seen at a hotel which Brian Hope and Charlie McManus visit. Claiming he has something for him and Charlie he opens the boots of a car and shows him the body of the auto dealer Norm. He shows this as being the penalty for "wanting to work for somebody else" and hires Brian and Charlie to take the body for "some special weight training" in which the duo simply attach weights to Norm's body and push him into the sea.

He hires Brian and Charlie to take money from the Triad gang which they get from dealing crack. Casey also states the Triads are moving in from Hong Kong that there money is all used notes and that there is no risk in getting it. He then decides to kill Brian and Charlie after they have been used for the Triad robbery which backfires. Brian and Charlie take the money and flee which results in Abbot and Morley's car being blown up. For a while the escape plan seems to work but the car runs out of petrol seeing as Brian forgot to refill it and they are forced to flee on foot. Enraged Casey places a bounty on Brian and Charlie's heads and hires Abbot and Morley to kill them.

He visits the nunnery in which Brian and Charlie are forced to stay seeing as they now have four people on their trail: Case,The Triads,Abbot and Morley and The Police, hoping to find them and leaves his card with Sister Liz of the nunnery in case they arrive and two photos of them. Having no luck Casey leaves and he is not seen until the final chase between Brian and Charlie , Abbot and Morley and Sisters Liz and Mary. He to joins in the chase in his Jaguar XJ pursued by the Triads who now have a van thanks to Morley who deflated the tyres on their car. Later on Casey's Jaguar arrives at the hospital and he enters searching for Brian and Charlie. He finally has them when he chases them through the hospital and prepares to kill them but but a door swings open hitting him in the face causing him to drop his gun. By the time the medical staff have got past dealing with a patient suffering from Cardiac Arrest Brian and Charlie with Faith have escaped. After Brian and Charlie leave disguised as nurses with Faith he is arrested.