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"Hey, kids! Could you spare a nickel?" --The Milk Money Bandit.


The Milk-Money Bandit, a scallion, is a criminal who demands milk money from people. He likes nickels, but at one point, demanded a dollar and 28 cents.

He was put in jail by LarryBoy, after he tried to intimidate Percy Pea and his little brother, Li'l Pea.

After getting out of jail (by breaking out or getting out on bail), he became one of the two Choco-Bandits.

He was voiced by Mike Sage.

Before the Rumor Weed episode, he was first scene as one of the ciitzens in the background in Larry-Boy! And the Fib from Outer Space! with one scallion who later became Choco-Bandit, and one other unknown scallion.

His final crime was tricking the children of the Veggie Valley Grade School into thinking he was Dad Asparagus, until LarryBoy found out and arrested him.

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