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Mike is one of the main characters and the anti-hero of the 2016 musical animated film, Sing. He is The Bears' enemy and Nancy's boyfriend.


Unlike most of the main characters of Sing, Mike is the opposite since he is greedy and arrogant and he wanted to win the Prize Money.

He was also rude to a baboon, Meena, Rosita and Gunter, although he enjoyed Meena's peformance of Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing.

Despite being a jerk, he is nice to Buster Moon.

He was shown to be cowardly when The Bears tried to kill him.


  • Mike, alongside his girlfriend, Nancy were thought to be possibly killed by The Bears.
  • Mike was sometimes thought to be the main antagonist of the film, however, this isn't true as The Bears turned out to be the true main antagonists of the film although Mike is one of the main characters of the film while The Bears were minor characters. 
  • Mike was also known as The Crooner according to the Sing website.
  • Mike is the only antagonist to be one of the main characters of the film.