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You can take it from me. The truth? It's overrated.
~ Marty Wolf

Martin "Marty" Wolf is the main antagonist of Big Fat Liar. He is Jason's arch-nemesis, Marcus' former employee, the founder and former chairman of his studio, and a professional clown.



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In Big Fat Liar

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Marty is evil, mean, arrogant, greedy, selfish, self-centered, deceitful, and abusive in nature. He likes to lie a lot, thinking it can benefit him the most and therefore sees it as "overrated." He also fires people for stupid reasons.

Marty doesn't usually care for his employees and treats them rather cruelly, especially his assistant Monty; at one time, he demoralizes one of his elderly employees Vince from taking his granddaughter to a birthday party, telling him that he can take his personal day in a year or two "when he is dead." In fact, the closest thing to something Marty genuinely cares about is (bizarrely) his stuffed chimp Mr. Funnybones. These traits are what led to his downfall in the end when he is exposed by Jason for stealing his paper to make his movie.

He is also foolish and stubborn and never seems to learn his lesson since he greatly underestimates Jason, despite being tricked by him multiple times.

Marty has a traitorous side as when asked by Jason to call his father about his theft, Marty went along with it, only to then burn the paper with one of his cigarettes and pouring his alcohol on it to set it on fire. Then the second time was when Marty promised Jason he would call his father if he helped him with his movie; so when Jason did, he gave Marty his father's phone number and Marty started dialling, only to reveal that he ws actually calling security to take Jason back home. During the final confrontation on the rooftop, Marty had refused to call Jason's father and told Jason to give it up because he says he will never tell the truth.


  • His full name Martin is never mentioned in the film.
  • The blue dye was actually blue tattoo ink that was sprayed in several layers on his body occasionally throughout the day to keep it topped up. According to Paul Giamatti, it was fairly easy to apply, but was a bit more difficult to get off (particularly his feet) for some reason. They stayed blue for several months.


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