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Marshall is the main antagonist of The Hangover Part lll. He is a multibillionaire who has a short temper and is very spoiled. He takes robbery very seriously and can even get violent when he feels like it. He even threatened to kill Doug and the gang if they fail.

He is portrayed by John Goodman.

The Hangover Part lll

Marshall is a mob leader and he is after Leslie Chow because he stole $21 million from him during a $42 million heist.

Marshall finds out that Alan was communicating with Chow when he was imprisoned; he then sends his Head of Security, Black Doug, to find Alan and the rest of the Wolfpack. Marshall and his henchmen then ram the Wolfpack off the road and kidnap them. He then tells them that Chow has escaped from prison and he takes Doug as insurance until Phil, Stu, and Alan can find Chow in three days. Marshall then bails Phil, Stu, and Alan out of jail after finding out they have been tricked and the Mexican villa they robbed actually belonged to Marshall. Marshall then kills Black Doug for being incompetent and gives the trio two-day deadline.

After receiving the gold, Marshall then shoots the trunk where he thinks Chow is, but turns out that Chow isn't in there. As Marshall and the rest of his henchmen are about to kill the Wolfpack, they are shot and killed by Chow.