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Marissa Wiegler is the main antagonist of Hanna.

She is portrayed by Cate Blanchett.


Marissa Wiegler is a ruthless, vengeful CIA operative who wants to kill Erik Heller, an ex-CIA operative who has trained his daughter, Hanna, to kill Wiegler. One day, Hanna, who feels she is “ready” for the outside world, allows herself to be captured by Wiegler’s men and taken to her facility in Morocco. Not knowing what Hanna is capable of, or perhaps not ready to speak to Hanna in person, Wiegler has a body double speak to Hanna. Shortly afterwards, Hanna kills the double and several others before escaping the facility. Wiegler then begins a manhunt for Erik (who is in hiding in Berlin), murdering Hanna’s grandmother, Katrin Zadek, and interrogating (and possibly killing) a family who befriended Hanna along the way. She enlists Isaacs, a sadistic ex-agent, and his skinhead bouncers to capture Hanna.

When Hanna overhears Wiegler and Issacs talking to each other and saying that Erik is not Hanna’s real father, Hanna learns from Erik that he is not her biological father, but was a recruiter for the Galinka Project, a top-secret program that recruited pregnant women from abortion clinics so that the CIA could alter their children’s DNA and turn them into super-soldiers. When the program was shut down for unexplained reasons, the women and their genetically-modified children were terminated. Erik then tells Hanna he tried to escape with Hanna and her mother, Johanna Zadek, but were attacked by Wiegler, who shot and killed Johanna while Erik escaped with Hanna.

After that, Erik and Hanna try to escape, but are ambushed by Wiegler and Issacs. After Erik kills Issacs and his henchman, Titch, he is shot and killed by Wiegler while Hanna escapes. After chasing Hanna through the woods, Wiegler confronts her at an abandoned amusement park. Hanna pleads for an end to the fighting, saying she does not want to hurt anyone anymore. Wiegler says she just wants to talk, but Hanna starts to walk away.

Agitated, Wiegler shoots Hanna in the hip, who in turn shoots Wiegler with an arrow she shot from a bungee cord. Hanna then chases Wiegler up a nearby water slide, with Wiegler continually shooting at her. At the top, Wiegler becomes disoriented from the arrow and slides down the water flume, dropping her handgun. Hanna follows her down the flume, picks up the gun and tells Wiegler that she just missed her heart, right before shooting her dead.