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For the TV version of this character, see Lord Zedd.

For the version from the 2016 comic book, see Lord Zedd

"It's getting so you can't trust anyone in this galaxy."

―Lord Zedd, after being betrayed by Ivan Ooze[src]

Lord Zedd is a villain that has time and again fought against the Power Rangers. With Rita Repulsa by his side and his lackeys Goldar and Mordant in tow, they slipped into Earth when he realized that a Hyperlock Chamber that he had been searching for for two-thousand years had surfaced in Angel Grove. He frees the prisoner, revealing him to be the legendary villain Ivan Ooze. He then unleashes him on the Rangers, hoping he'll finally destroy them. He seemed to show a great amount of reverence for Ivan at first.

However, when Ooze returns and it turns out he hadn't destroyed the Rangers, Zedd begins to berate Ooze, which does not sit too well with the evil tyrant. Zedd and Rita are overpowered by Ooze, and he miniaturizes them, trapping them in a snow globe, leaving Ooze with his moon base and lackeys to do as he pleases.

However, when things begin to turn around for the Rangers, Lord Zedd and Rita cheer the Rangers on, knowing full well that destruction is to come to Ivan Ooze for crossing the Rangers. After Ivan Ooze's destruction, he and Rita return to normal in the Lunar Palace, glaring angrily at the worried Goldar and Mordant.

Differences from the TV version

With the movie's bigger budget compared to the TV series, many minor aesthetic changes were made to different props and sets. Lord Zedd is no exception. Although he retains the same basic design, his mouth grills are sharper, and the Z on the spike of his head was placed further down. His chest armor is also composed of squarish metal arcs that meet in the center forming a diamond. The horn on his head is also shorter and his exposed brain can throb.

Personality-wise, he's still menacing but at the same time more relaxed and less nightmarish, such as when he and Rita converse with each other as the Rangers depart for Phaedos. He also seems to show great respect and reverence for the Rangers, as he and Rita cheer them on when they are going to destroy him.