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It's just good business.
~ Lord Beckett.

Lord Cutler Beckett is one of the main antagonists of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, serving (alongside Davy Jones) as one of the main antagonists of the first trilogy. He appears as the secondary antagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and the main antagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. He was the head of the East India Trading company and wants to kill all pirates, and control the seas by finding the heart of Davy Jones, and using it to manipulate Davy Jones into doing as they command. He and Jack Sparrow have had encounters in the past, that leave both of them with permanent engravings on their skin. Beckett seeks to obtain order in the new world, as well as make Britain grow more powerful.


Cutler Beckett grew up in a harsh environment and faced a tragic childhood. He was despised by his classmates and his father, and only truly found solace with his mother, who died from an illness his cruel father unintentionally delivered to her. Cutler was later kidnapped by pirates, and his father refused to pay the ransom. However, a naval officer, Lord Reginald Penwallow, saved Cutler, and Cutler, infuriated, left his home. As he grew older, he became a high-ranking member of the Dutch East India Trading Company, and was mentored by Reginald. However, he became cruel and vicious, and one of his men, Jack Sparrow, betrayed him and cause him to loose a lot of cargo. To get revenge, Beckett burned his arm and forever scarred him, and attempted to destroy him only for him to fall overboard into the ocean.

He managed to regain his high position, and was made head of the company and second-in-command of King George II. When his old arch-nemesis, Sparrow, was helped escape execution by Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, Cuter, now known as Lord Cutler Beckett, interrupted the duo's marriage at Port Royal and imprisoned them both. He learned that the vile pirate captain Davy Jones, had locked his heart in Dead Man's Chest, and anyone who took it would have the power to control him. He plotted to gain the chest, so he could control the sea and rid piracy, and released Will, telling him that he will release Elizabeth as well if he gain Sparrow's compass, which can show it's user the thing they want the most. Agreeing to the deal, Will left Port Royal to gain the compass. That night, Beckett learned that Elizabeth's father, Governor Swann, plans to break her out, and sends Ian Mercer, his right-hand man, to stop them.

They are halted by Mercer, but Elizabeth charges into Beckett's office, holding him at gunpoint. Beckett offers her the same deal as he did to Will and orders her to take the compass. Anticipating Sparrow, Will and Elizabeth will reach Torturga, Beckett sends Mercer to keep an eye on them. Eventually, Commodore Norrington, a former Navy officer, was recruited back by Mercer, and pretended to ally Sparrow, Will and Elizabeth(who had allied with each other) and stole the heart from them. He then returned the heart to Beckett. Soon he came across with Davy Jones, now under his control, and had him and his ship, the Flying Dutchman, begin to exterminate piracy all around the Caribbean. He learned of the pirate Brethren Court due to meet, and began bent to destroy the crew of the Black Pearl, Sparrow's ship, and all piracy. Soon, he sent Mercer and his men, who ambushed Sparrow, the resurrected Hector Barbossa, and their allies at the home of famed pirate Sao Feng.

To make sure he can not use the Kraken against him, Beckett had Jones kill the Kraken, and kept him under strict watch. Governor Swann attempted to find his daughter and aid her and the pirates, but Beckett had Mercer execute him, claiming he had "outlived his usefulness". In his ship, the HMS Endeavour, Beckett led an attack on the Black Pearl, and had Sparrow captured and brought aboard. Beckett lured the pirate into a deal, Sparrow would be allowed to leave and draw Beckett to the Brethren Court so he could slaughter the pirates. Doubting Sparrow would go back on his promise, Beckett also brought a deal with Will. The Black Pearl was allowed to escape, and followed by the HMS Endeavour and the Flying Dutchman. The pirate Sao Feng originally worked for Beckett, but then betrayed him to Sparrow, so Beckett send the Flying Dutchman to kill him.

On their journey, they saw Will in the ocean, having been thrown there by Sparrow who learnt of his deal with Beckett, and brought him aboard, much to the annoyance of his nemesis, Davy Jones. Will informed them that the Brethren Court planned to release the goddess Calypso, Jones' former lover, from her imprisoned state. Will agreed to take them to Shipwreck Cove, in exchange for Jones releasing his father, Bill Turner from imprisonment, to which they agreed to. Will revealed he had stolen Sparrow's compass, and gives it to Beckett.

After arriving at Shipwreck Cove, the headquarters of the Brethren Court, Beckett, Will and Jones met Sparrow, Elizabeth and Barbossa on the beach. Realizing Sparrow's deal, Barbossa and Elizabeth trade Sparrow for Will. Beckett agrees, and Will is imprisoned. When the pirates refuse to surrender, Lord Cutler Beckett and Davy Jones lead their forces and battle in the raging storms of Calypso. Jones was destroyed, and his ship was taken over by Will. The Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman combined all their fire on Beckett's ship, who claimed "It's just...good business" before being engulfed in the flames, ending him.


Beckett is extremely devious, greedy and persuasive and will use any means necessary to get what he wants. Even if it means the murder of millions of people he will use it. He is also very manipulative and manages to manipulate many people one of them being Davy Jones. He bears an intense hatred for piracy, going as far as to kill small children for being only slightly associated with it, and suspending legal rights in various areas that his company controls in favour of a more dictatorial regime. He also has no problem with slavery, as revealed when he referred to a group of escaped slaves as "cargo", to which Jack Sparrow (who had freed the slaves) replied "people aren't cargo, mate."