Lily St. Regis is one of the secondary antagonists of the musical "Annie" and its film adaptations. Like her boyfriend Rooster Hannigan, she doesn't even make a cameo in "Annie: A Royal Adventure!". She is a blond, curly-haired petty thief. In all versions except the 1999 film, Lily pretends to be Annie's mother. In the 1999 film, instead, she is cut off from the deal and forced to supervise the orphans, to whom she accidentally implies where Annie is. They then force her to reveal that her boyfriend and Miss Hannigan are pretending to be Annie's parents to get $50,000. Later, when Lily arrives to try to get her share of the money, she and Rooster are arrested. She is a soprano and is played by Bernadette Peters in the 1982 film and Kristen Chenoweth in the 1999 film.