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Lawrence Larry Quinn is the main antagonist of the 2003 live-action film, The Cat in the Hat. He is the Walden family's pompous next-door neighbor who is determined to both marry Joan for her wealth and get rid of her son Conrad by sending him to military school.

He was portrayed by Alec Baldwin who also voiced Dennis and Makunga.


Briefly appearing modest, Larry poses as a salesman to set himself up as the ideal boyfriend to Joan. In reality, however, he’s a greedy, lazy, and unemployed slob, who doesn’t love Joan and is just using her to gain an easier lifestyle. He is also a hypocrite, as he acts in a pompous and snobbish manner towards those he deems "beneath" him, despite his careless decision to remain impoverished than to seek employment.

Larry has very rude manners, such as burping in front of others and picking his nose, and is too lazy to work for a living, sitting around his home eating and watching television. But despite his laziness, he is ambitious and opportunistic, taking Nevins' second escape as a chance to incriminate Conrad's irresponsibility. As his goals were looking fruitful, Larry became bossy and demanding towards Joan, and disregarded any of her feelings about sending her son away.

He hates Conrad and is constantly dismissive towards him. He wants to get rid of Conrad because he knows too much about his plan. At first, he suggested to send Conrad into military school to straighten up his bad behavior, but it turns out that he only wants to do it to get rid of him. It's possible that he also hates Conrad's sister Sally and pet dog Nevins (along with other children and animals), calling the former a "suck up" for her sycophantic faithfulness to her mother and views the latter an insignificant animal, and even attempting to catch them in trouble with Joan as well. This shows he wants to get rid of not only Conrad, but also Joan's entire family so only he can benefit from her money.

In the end, Larry ends up making a complete fool of himself after trying to turn Joan against her kids, with the only result being a disgusted Joan finally dumping and kicking him out for his actions.