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"Siapa yang suruh minta kopi jahe?"
~ Kertarajasa says to Upay when didn't want to drink a ginger coffee.

Kertarajasa is the central antagonist of 2000 Indonesian musical/comedy film, Petualangan Sherina. he was the greedy crime lord and businessmen who lives in Jakarta. He was the boss of Pak Raden.

He was portrayed by the late legendary Indonesian actor and musician, Djaduk Ferianto.


Petualangan Sherina

In the sequence of the film, he calls Pak Raden on the phone all about tobuy a land in Pasundan Valley in Lembang and he tolds Pak Raden to kidnap Sadam, and after that at night in his office he calls Upay for giving him a ginger coffee but Kertarajasa didn't want. after that he pulls Upay's clothes cause of Ardiwilaga. Upay says Ardiwilaga was a nice guy and Kertarajasa changes him to be a evil guy, and after that he dancing with his wife he sings "Kertarajasa", but in the following morning in the convention center he shows his miniature, sadly he arrested by the police for buying and plans to destroy the land in The Millenium Pasundan Valley and the kidnap of Sadam.


  • He was portrayed by Djaduk Ferianto, he was the brother of Butet Kartaredjasa also play Pak Raden in Petualangan Sherina. there siblings also joined to make Petualangan Sherina film.