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Jennifer Stone is the main antagonist of the Disney Channel original film Cadet Kelly.

She was portrayed by Christy Carlson Romano.

Role in the film

When Kelly Collins arrives at George Washington Military Academy she meets Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone who is mean to her by verbally abusing her (like calling her a maggot) and destroying her blanket. Jennifer also learns that she and Kelly both have a crush on Cadet Major Brad Rigby and they compete for his attention.

When Kelly finishes the obstacle course Jennifer has her take it again. After getting all dirty from the obstacle course and finishing it a second time she heads to a dance, but she stumbles and ruins Jennifer's dress at the dance.

Kelly tries to get back at Jennifer for ruining her blanket by painting her hair in the same pattern as her blanket. The next day Jennifer gives her a citation. Kelly asks Jennifer if they could work together on a routine for regionals and she agrees to talk to her about it. They perform their special routine and receive excellent points from the reviewing board which puts George Washington in second place. Jennifer tells Kelly if she hadn't joined the team, they would have never made it that far. Kelly hugs Jennifer who is surprised by it but hugs her in return. Kelly vows that they will win next year as long as they keep practicing their routine but Jennifer tells her that she's moving to Europe because her dad has been trasferred there. She also tells Kelly that she'd like for her to become a cadet captain and have to deal with a "maggot" like her.