Jareth is the main antagonist of the 1986 Jim Henson film "Labyrinth". He is the human king of the goblins. Of course, his evil isn't intentional. He is just trying to grant wishes, even if they are not really intended. He takes away the heroine Sarah Williams' infant half-brother Toby, away from her as she wishes exaggeratingly. Later, he tries to keep her to himself because of this, and he has her try to solve the Labyrinth (while adding obstacles in the process). David Bowie played him. He is the all top most all supreme all est est most up all est all head master of all top most all supreme all est est most all up all est all head masters of all night and darkness rulers vampires goblins and shadow masters all head masters lords and monarchs

It is shown that he is a shape-shifter, as he is first and last shown as a barn owl, though he is mostly a human being.