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Henry J. Waternoose III, also known as Mr. Waternoose or simply known as Waternoose, is the main antagonist of Monsters, Inc. He is the former CEO of the company, Sulley and Mike's former boss, and Randall's former boss.

He is voiced by James Coburn right before he died in 2002.


Monsters, Inc.

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Monsters University

Waternoose has made a cameo on a photo of him, Sulley and Mike.


Waternoose had a gentle, fatherly facade with Sulley, Mike, and their other co-workers and is only driven to villainy out of desperation to keep Monsters, Inc. afloat in the midst o the energy crisis. He becomes more wicked as this drive and desperation strips away his morals and he is determined to not let anything stop what he thinks will be the best way for the company to keep going, never taking into account while looking for other energy resources.

When it was revealed that Waternoose is a villain, he seems to like kidnapping a thousand children.


Waternoose appears to be a spider and/or crab-like monster with a black bow tie and black jacket. He also seems to have five eyes.


  • Waternoose's first name is Henry.
  • Waternoose has eight eyes, and is a spider-like crab.
  • Waternoose's middle name wasn't mentioned.
  • Waternoose has a father who was unnamed.
  • It has been rumoured that Mr. Waternoose might appear in Monsters University and be voiced by Kelsey Grammer, the voice actor of Stinky Pete from the 1999 Disney/Pixar film, Toy Story 2 and Hunter from the 2016 Warner Bros. film, Storks, however, Waternoose did not appear as a character and he did not speak, he just appears in a photo with Sulley and Mike.