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Background information
Feature films Land of the Lost (2009)
Television programs Land of the Lost (1974)
Land of the Lost (1991; as Scarface)
Video games
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Character information
Full name Tyrannosaurus rex
Other names Grumpy
Personality Short-tempered
Appearance 2009 adaptation: A 40 foot (12.1 meter) long, 9 ton (18,000 pound) Tyrannosaurus rex with dark skin yellow eyes
Occupation Predator
Goal Eat the Marshalls (in the TV series),
Home Land of the Lost
Allies Rick Marshall
Enemies 1974 series: Big Alice, Rick, Will, and Holly Marshall
2009 adaptation: Sleestaks, Big Alice, Rick Marshall (formerly), Will Stanton (formerly), Holly Cantrell (formerly)
Likes Hunting
Dislikes Starvation
Powers and abilities Super strength
Weapons Jaws, Teeth
Fate Befirends with Rick and says goodbye to him

Grumpy is a Tyrannosaurus rex who is featured as one of the main villains in the 1974 TV series, Land of the Lost and later as the secondary antagonist turned supporting protagonist in the 2009 adaptation of the same name.

1974 TV Series

Grumpy appears frequently in the TV series. He is always shown chasing the Marshalls and trying to eat them. He is featured by everyone in the Land of the Lost, except by the Allosaurus Big Alice and the two fought each other on occasions, though in one episode they team up to try and hunt down the Marshalls. He was the first dinosaur the Marshalls encountered and the one who caused Cha-ka to fall and fracture his leg in the first episode.

1991 TV Series

Some fans speculate that the T-Rex Scarface from the 1991 series is actually Grumpy of the original series.

2009 Movie

Before the Events

Three years before the film events, an astronaut was transported in the Land of the Lost after passing in a time warp. Grumpy finds him and devours him.