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Grandolyn Edna May[1] is a villain in the WordGirl series that uses the alias Granny May when


committing crimes. She is voiced by Cree Summer. She poses as a sweet, hard hearing old lady, but really is a master thief. Everyone but WordGirl is usually fooled by this charade most of the time. The devious granny once even managed to turn the entire city against WordGirl until the heroine was able to expose her as a liar ("Down with Word Up").

She is equipped with weapons such as knitting needles that shoot out nearly unbreakable yarn, perfume strong enough to render someone helpless, and blinding stale purse mints. She has her large but timid grandson Eugene May who used to held help her commit crimes, but he no longer does thanks to Violet's efforts to befriend the shy boy.

Granny May can also produce a large cutting-edge steel suit of armor with a jetpack. She activates it by touching her pearl necklace, and when she wears it she is much harder to capture, especially on sweltering-hot days, since there is even an air-conditioning feature ("Heat Wave, Crime Wave"). She may no longer have possession of this suit, as Victoria Best was last seen using it, and unlike the other villain's devices, was not seen returning it to its owner.

Granny May's mother is, surprisingly, still alive, as is shown in the episode "Great Granny May." Her mother does not approve of her daughter's criminal escapades, but she is genuinely hearing-impaired and not quite as alert, so when Granny May was put into house arrest with her mother, Granny May managed to escape while her mom was out. It is revealed in the episode "Granny's Book Club" that she is 75 years old, as all villains were required to retire at that age unless they could capture WordGirl. She wears her hair in a bun.