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Gallian is the main antagonist of In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale.

He is portrayed by Ray Liotta who also played Ray Sinclair, Pete Davis and Ryan Weaver.

In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

Gallian is an evil wizard who commands an army of vicious monsters known as Krug. Gallian's goal is to overthrow King Konreid and take over the kingdom of Ehb with the help of the King's treacherous nephew Duke Fallow, who allows Gallian's access into the castle so that he can conspire against Konreid.

Gallian sends his Krug to attack a village where a man named Farmer lives, and they also attack a small town named Stonebridge where Farmer's wife, Solana, and his son are at. Farmer battles Gallian's Krug but is unable to prevent them from killing his son, though Gallian becomes intrigued by Farmer and immediately attempts to discover more about him.

Farmer later discovers from the King's Magus, Merick, that he is in fact the son of King Konreid and that his real name is Camden Konreid. After Konreid dies at the hands of Fallow (who is himself killed for murdering him), Farmer becomes the new King of Ehb. Meanwhile, Solana is captured by Gallian's forces and taken to Gallian's den, where Gallian uses her as bait to lure Farmer to him.

Merick arrives and engages in a magic sword duel with Gallian, but is eventually killed. Farmer then confronts the wizard and convinces him to fight like a man, without the use of magic. After another sword fight, Solana distracts Gallian by stabbing him with a sword, allowing Farmer to finish him off by slitting his throat.