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Falcon is the main antagonist of Stuart Little 2 and the Stuart Little: The Animated Series episode "A Little Bit Country." He is Stuart's arch-nemesis, Margalo's former boss, and the crows' leader and boss.



It is revealed in Stuart Little 2 that Falcon had found Margalo as an orphan and took her to his hideout and shared everything with her, though he treated her like a slave rather than a daughter figure.

In Stuart Little 2

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In Stuart Little: The Animated Series

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Falcon is Margalo's egotistical former boss who had treated Margalo like a pawn rather than a daughter figure in a very mean, abusive, controlling, and traitorous way. He threatened Margalo to get Mrs. Little's ring or Stuart is lunch.

By the time Margalo's loyalty with him wavers, Falcon's darkest side eventually comes to light: He is revealed to be not just a mere bully and abuser, but also a ruthless, unpleasant, cold-hearted, uncaring, evil bird who will not hesitate to kill those who stood against him, which he proved by nearly killing Stuart and Snowbell. He was even willing to kill Margalo for defying him and most likely would have succeeded if Stuart had not stopped him.

Falcon has a vengeful side as in the television series, he returned with crows for new henchmen.


Falcon is a falcon with a sharp tan nose with a black tip and a spotted chest.


  • Because of him having a sharp tan nose with a black tip, a spotted chest, and city habitat, some fans identify Falcon as a peregrine falcon.
  • Originally, Falcon was going to have an army of pigeons help him out.
  • In the television series, his voice actor is sometimes thought to have been Mark Hamill. This is not true as Pat Fraley had actually voiced him. The reason for James Woods not reprising his role is unknown.
  • In the second film, Falcon works alone (other than having Margalo as a slave), but in the television series, he has crows for henchmen.
  • He is proven to be the most evil and prominent Stuart Little villain. 
  • Falcon is similar to Nigel from Rio: They are both slave drivers and end up screaming and crashing into planes.


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