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Ernst Stavro Blofeld is the main antagonist of the James Bond franchise. He is the main antagonist of the classical series, appearing as the unseen overarching antagonist of Dr. No, the overarching antagonist of From Russia With Love and Thunderball, the main antagonist of You Live Only Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Diamonds are Forever, the opening antagonist of For Your Eyes Only and a posthumous antagonist of the following movies. He is also the main antagonist of the rebooted series, appearing as the unseen overarching antagonist of Casino Royale, Quantumn of Solace and Skyfall, the main antagonist of Spectre and the overarching antagonist of No Time To Die.

He is the head of the criminal organization SPECTRE. In the classical series, after the death of the SPECTRE agent Dr. No, Blofeld devised a plan to steal the Lektor decoding device to instigate a war between the Soviet Union and the United States to begin a war between the superpowers that will destroy them both and only leave SPECTRE to rule the world. Dr. No's killer, the MI6 agent James Bond, foiled his plan. Blofeld then had his second-in-command Emilio Largo steal a submarine with two nuclear warheads and threaten to release it upon the United States unless they were paid millions of dollars. Once again, Bond failed his plan. Tired of his failures and the deaths of No, Klebb and Largo, Blofeld personally had a rocket ship designed to steal the space capsules of the United States and the Soviet Union to frame it on the other in another bid to start the war. Blofeld captured Bond but the latter managed to call the local authorities, forcing Blofeld to escape. After going under plastic surgery to hide his identity, Blofeld captured a group of young women and brainwashed them before developing a plague and spreading through them to all of the lifestock in the world to hold Earth hostage. Bond managed to destroy Blofeld's base and the plague, and Blofeld was crippled while escaping Bond. In a fit of revenge, Blofeld had Bond's wife killed on their wedding day. Blofeld then began creating duplicates of himself, posed as a millionaire and stole diamonds for his new laser satellite. He attempted to have Bond disposed off but Bond survived. Blofeld destroyed the nuclear weapons of many countries, including the United States and the Soviet Union, but before he have an auction for global nuclear supremacy, Bond and the CIA stormed his base. As the base was destroyed, Bond crashed the submarine Blofeld was in, nearly killing him and ending SPECTRE. Now in a wheelchair, Blofeld sought revenge on Bond for destroying SPECTRE and ambushed him in a helicopter, nearly killing him. However, Bond managed to take control of the helicopter and finally dropped Blofeld through the chimney of a factory, killing him.

In the rebooted series, Blofeld grew up as Bond's adoptive brother and nemesis, killing their father before becoming the head of SPECTRE. Blofeld created the terrorist organisation Quantumn as a part of SPECTRE and employed Mr White as its head. He had Mr White kill the parents of Lyutsifer Safin. He then had Le Chiffre sabotage an aerospace company and provide him with the money through a casino. Bond infiltrated the casino and won the money back, so Blofeld had White kill Chiffre and take the money back. Blofeld then ordered Dominic Greene to help General Medrano to overthrow the Bolivian government in exchange for a piece of land for SPECTRE. Bond managed to stop this and forced Greene to reveal information about SPECTRE; Blofeld had him executed for doing so. Afterwards, Blofeld had the cyberterrorist Raoul Silva reveal the identities of NATO agents on the internet before helping Silva kill MI6's boss and Bond's superior M as part of Silva's revenge before Bond killed Silva. White decided to leave SPECTRE but is fatally poisoned by Blofeld. Blofeld then devised a plan to take control of the world's intelligence system through his mole in the MI6 Max Denbigh and have the agents of the MI6 shut down. Blofeld then captured Bond and his lover Madeleine(White's daughter)at his facility, revealed his plan to them and tortured Bond. He then prepared to lobotomize him but Madeleine managed to explode the facility and escape in Bond. Blofeld's men are killed, his weapons are destroyed and Blofeld is left with a scar and a blind eye. Blofeld kidnapped Madeleine, rigged the building with explosives and left Bond to save Madeleine as he attempted to escape in a helicopter. However, Bond managed to crash Blofeld's helicopter and he was arrested by the MI6. While in prison, Blofeld managed to frame Madeleine for an attack on Bond by SPECTRE agents, ending their relationship with each other. SPECTRE stole the nanobots of scientist Valdo Obruchev and decided to use them to free Blofeld. Blofeld managed to communicate with SPECTRE agents at a meeting in Cuba via a bionic eye but Obruchev betrayed SPECTRE and massacred everyone present at the meeting. Safin then infected Bond with the nanobots, and when Bond visited Blofeld, Blofeld revealed he was behind the attack on Bond, not Madeleine. Bond angrily attacked Blofeld, unintentionally infecting him with the virus and killing him.


He was portrayed by the late Donald Pleasence in You Only Live Twice, the late Telly Savalas in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the late Charles Grey in Diamonds are Forever, Max van Sydow in Never Say Never Again and Christoph Waltz in Spectre.


  • In the rebooted series, Blofeld is arguably responsible for every event(even his own death): he murdered James Bond's father out of his jealousy of Bond, he created SPECTRE, he made Mr White kill Safin's father(which fuelled Safin to kill Mr White's wife, make Valdo Obruchev kill most of SPECTRE's high-ranking members, make Bond kill Blofeld and infect Bond with a virus, forcing Bond to sacrifice himself), he made Le Chiffre sabotage an aerospace company and steal its winnings, he made Mr White kill Le Chiffre and re-steal the winnings of the aerospace company which led to the death of Bond's first lover Vesper Llynd, he made Dominic Greene help General Medrano in his attempted coup of Bolivia, he made Raoul Silva reveal the identities of several NATO agents(leading to their deaths), he helped Silva attack the MI6 headquarters(leading to the death of Bond's superior M), he poisoned Mr White(which causes Bond to first learn about Madeleine and White to kill himself) and he organized an ambush on Bond and framed Madeleine(causing a halt in their relationship).
    • Arguably, due to being the indirect cause of Bond's death, he posthumously succeeded in getting revenge on Bond.