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The Drej Queen, better known as Queen Susquehana is the main antagonist of Titan A.E..

She is voiced by Christopher Scarbosio.


In 3028, the Drej attack earth and try to destroy their secret weapon, the Titan. The Titan is what made the Drej become threatened by the human race. After successfully driving the humans away, Susquehana has her ship destroy the Earth entirely.

Fifteen years pass, and the Drej plunge the entire Galaxy into fear of their wrath. They soon find Cale, a young adult human being who holds the Map to the Titan. Throughout the Movie, Susquehana orders her soldiers to track down Cale so they can find the Titan and destroy it. She hires a man named Joseph Korso to bring her Cale.

At the end of the movie, Susquehana and the entire Drej fleet find the Titan thanks to Preed, Korso's traitorous partner. Cale then decides that, Since the Drej are made of Energy, they would be enough to power the Titan forever. In the end, Susquehana and the Drej are absorbed by the Titan and a new Earth is created.


*She is the first Don Bluth Villain who speaks in a foreign language.

*Like the rest of the Drej, Susquehana is animated by Computer animation.